A Devotion for Holy Week from Pastor Jason

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

As an old professor of mine used to say, “The human being is not a cosmic orphan.” I like that way of expressing such an intrinsic biblical truth, as it goes to the core of the lonely human heart, and I believe that anyone who has truly examined his or her heart in a contemplative way finds a deep longing for God. We may try to stamp it out or reason it away, or we may try to offend the concept with our sin until that still voice gets further and further away from our hearing, but its existence is unshaken and unmistakable. And as thirst points to water and hunger points to food, so too does this longing within the human being cry out to the metaphysical necessity of God.

And God hears this cry from Eternity… and He steps in.

Against all human reason, transcendent reason itself came to us. God the Son, the eternal Logos, the Sofia of Proverbs, the intellect behind existence itself, stepped into time and space and into brutal human history to don the true crown of humanity-- cursed thorns. He did not come to impose a golden throne and a rod of iron, but to be born among us in a filthy stable, laid in an animal’s feeding trough, the lowest of all the low.

He was born to die.

For God so loved the world.

Palm Sunday was the day that this love of God was extended to those that should have known the time of His visitation to the very day, yet they would not allow for it. If you attend FBC, you have likely heard me talk about the significance of this day, when Jesus entered into Jerusalem with the thousands of pilgrims calling out to Him in such a way that it fulfilled Old Testament prophetical writings with shocking accuracy. So much so, that those religious hypocrites of the day called upon Him to silence those crying out to Him as the Messiah, to which Jesus famously replied, “I tell you that if these should keep silent, the stones would immediately cry out.” In other words, there was no way to stop what was occurring.

Had they only listened to him, watched what he did, and had their biblical scrolls open, they would have recognized Him. Or perhaps it is better to say, had they not wanted to replace Him with their perverse version of religion, they would have rejoiced at His coming.

We should all be sober-minded and ask ourselves if we are doing the same thing with our Christianity as those religious leaders were doing so many centuries ago. Jesus warned us of what the world would look like before His return, and it looks shockingly very similar to what we see today. Do we look at the world today with an earnest expectation of His return? Is our hope grounded in that expectation? You might be wondering how I could ask this type of question when the world is so upside-down right now. With the joy of Holy Week and Easter seeming somewhat hidden and obscured by current events.

Or perhaps it is not hidden at all...

Truly, all of creation groans for Christ's return, and we are seeing this unfold with the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, even amidst calamity, everything that has meaning, purpose, and value points to Him, and everything that contains goodness, truth, and beauty, directly sings to Him. Everything in life and history testifies to the need of His coming and the necessity of the atonement, and there is a scarlet thread running throughout human history leading to the open tomb of Christ and the reality of His reconciliation.

That reconciliation and peace are available to you right now as you read this in quarantine, if you but whisper His name to invite Him in.

God bless you, dear Church.

Pastor Jason Note: The video above is from TSO Photography, and it is a time-lapse photography project of the Milky Way galaxy taken on Spain’s highest mountain, El Teide. The Piano music on the video is a song called Nuvole Bianche by Ludovico Einaudi.

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